Removing A Wig
Removing a Wig
How do I remove a wig? Well, let's look at your adhesives again. How you remove a wig is just as important as how you attach it.

Long Term Adhesives - These removers are only recommended to be used by professional stylists and your wig is usally removed and then reapplied in the same appointment. Make sure that these removers are non-toxic or made from all natural ingredients. Always ask to read the back of the bottle and beware of citric acid based removers is you have sensitve skin. This is a natural exfolient and can cause irritation and burning if used incorrectly or on a delicate scalp.

Short Term Adhesives - Spirit Gum left on the lace front of your wig or your skin can be dissolved and wiped gently with a soft paint/makeup brush or cotton ball soaked in 91% alcohol or Spirit Gum Remover. If skin starts to feel sensitive, apply baby oil or Neosporin before bedtime and remove the next morning with cleansing soap, skin cleanser or 91% alcohol before applying wig again.

Tapes - Depending on the strength of the tape used. A gentle tape can be removed by simple lifting the wig off the head gently and then removing each piece like a band-aid from the skin. A stronger tape can be removed easily by using a little 91% or even 70% alcohol on a soft paint/makeup  brush and wetting the tape, seperating it from wig and from skin.

Clips and Combs - simple, fast, and easy. snap, snap, snap and you are finished. The only thing to be wary of is getting hairs caught in the teeth upon removal.

Clamping or Intergration
- If you are clamped into your wig then we recommend having a professional remove and reclamp you wig.