Storage and Travel
Storage and Travel
Q: How should I store my wig?

When storing a wig then it is best to have a desiganted area that you will keep your wig. For long term storage you should keep your wig in a custom wig box with a styrofoam or canvas head supporting it's foundation or stuffed with tissue and placed carefully in a shoe box. Always store your wig after it has been cleaned and brushed. Never store you wig if it is damp or wet or full of spray or hair product. Keep your box in a dry and cool area away form lights and possible elemental damage. Unfortunatly, wigs will not last forever, no matter how you store them, so if you are done with your wig and your iwg still looks good and is without damage then please donate it for someone else.

Q: How do I travel with a wig?
Travel can cause some issues when trying to move a few different wigs around in your luggage. You could either purchase a wig case, wear the same wig on your vacation or work call, or fold up a backup wig in your bag. If you don't have a wig case and are either wearing your wig on the trip or folding an extra in a bag then the lightest solution is either a metal collapsable wig stand or a styrofoam head. It is impossible to style a wig on a wire wig stand but if you have a natural look or something that can be sprayed with a water bottle and then swept up in a ponytail or a french twist then you will be just fine. Wigs that require a bit more work will need a styrofaom head to work with.
If your bringing a head with you for styling then don't forget your wig clamp!

The Art of Wigs will send your custom lace front wig to you in a beautiful wig case, where you will store your wig. We also provide a Styrofoam head form to ensure your wig will hold its natural shape and doesn’t get crushed or flattened. If hair is long, be sure to store your wig out of the case so the back hair hangs off a shelf ( even for a day and especially when drying it ).