Frequently Asked Questions
Q and A

Q: How is an Art of Wigs custom lace front wig attached to the head?
A: Many hair systems suggest using long-term adhesives to attach custom laces front wigs to the skin so that they can be worn up to six weeks without removal.  This is very convenient, but we believe skin (especially the skin of women undergoing chemotherapy or dealing with alopecia) should be given every chance to be breathe and be healthy.

The Art of Wigs strongly suggests applying and removing your wig each day with adhesive glues or tapes that are natural adhesives strong enough to hold your wig in place all day. Glues or tapes are cheaper than long-term adhesives and are gentler on the skin because they can be removed each day with 91% alcohol.

We do not suggest using long-term adhesives because they:  
+    require frequent professional attention
+    don’t allow skin to breathe and cause the skin to sweat
+    clog pores of new hair growth
+    can be expensive
+    may require strong toxic materials for removal

Before investing money into expensive adhesives, you will want to decide which method – adhesive tapes or glues – work better for you. The Art of Wigs offers an Adhesive Kit for $62.00, which includes all the tools and accessories needed to apply, maintain and remove your wig for one month. The only tool you will need in addition to the Adhesive Kit is a pair of scissors.

The Adhesive Kit includes:
+    Top Stick adhesive tape (recommended for sensitive skin, has excellent adhesion)
+    Super Blue adhesive tape (super strong adhesion, should only be used if Top Stick does not feel secure enough)
+    Spirit Gum adhesive glue
+    Spirit Gum adhesive remover
+    Glue application brush
+    Alcohol application brush
+    Two cups
+    Powder puff
+    Bottle of alcohol
+    Yellow top pins
+    Blocking tape fabric strip

REMEMBER to always clean tools and accessories thoroughly, especially brushes, after each use to prevent contamination. Brushes can be cleaned with alcohol, or with acetone (can be purchased at a drug store) for quicker glue removal.

Q: How is Spirit Gum adhesive glue used?
A: Skin should always be cleaned with alcohol to remove oils that may prevent sticking before attaching a lace front wig with adhesive glue or tape. A thin layer of Spirit Gum adhesive glue is applied sparingly to the skin with an application brush, using dabbing motions. Once Spirit Gum becomes slightly tacky, lace is placed onto the skin and tapped with the velour powder puff until it feels secure. Spirit Gum glue is used only on a bald head; Once hair begins to grow back, proper placement and pinning/combs will keep the wig safe and secure.

For detailed information on attaching your wig with Spirit Gum adhesive, click here.

Q: How do I remove Spirit Gum adhesive glue from my wig and skin?
A: Spirit Gum left on the lace front of your wig or your skin can be dissolved and wiped gently with a soft brush or cotton ball soaked in 91% alcohol or Spirit Gum Remover. If skin starts to feel sensitive, apply baby oil or Neosporin before bedtime and remove the next morning with cleansing soap, skin cleanser or 91% alcohol before applying wig again.

To ensure lasting quality, it is important to take excellent care of your custom wig.  Click here for detailed information on caring for your custom lace front wig.

Q: How should I store my wig?
A: The Art of Wigs will send your custom lace front wig to you in a beautiful wig case, where you will store your wig. We also provide a Styrofoam head form to ensure your wig will hold its natural shape and doesn’t get crushed or flattened. If hair is long, be sure the back hair hangs off a shelf.

Q: Should I cut the lace?
A: The shorter the lace, the shorter the life of the wig. The lace is designed to disappear and cannot be seen, even up close. It’s best to have at least ¼ to ½ inch of lace, so the wig can be glued and styled again and again without damage to the fine baby hairs along the front edge. If you’re fortunate enough to have your hair grow back, the wig can be secured with pins as it grows out. The front lace can then be shortened or folded over as the hairline reappears.

Q: Should I apply powder or makeup over the lace when I wear it?
A: No. The delicate nature of the lace makes it invisible. Think of it as a fine spider web that only becomes visible when sprayed with water. The cleaner the lace, the more invisible it is to the eye, so applying powder or makeup can make it more obvious.

Q: Can I use hairspray on my wig?
A: Yes, but use a light non-aerosol spray. Avoid heavy lacquer based sprays as they can leave residue and weigh down the wig.

Q: Can I use heat (blow dryer, curling iron, straight iron) on my wig?
A: Human hair wigs can withstand light heat for gentle styling and maintenance.  

Q: Do I need a wig cap or Comfy Grip?
A: You can wear a cotton wig cap to hide excess hair under your wig or to act as a buffer if your wig is uncomfortable. Wig caps come in flesh, brown or blonde and are like cotton, nylon stockings that go over the top of the head and hair is tucked underneath. Comfy Grip bands are silicone head bands that are worn if you don’t have hair and are placed under the wig to prevent slippage and to prevent soreness or chafing.

The Art of Wigs custom lace front wig caps are made of silk and are extremely comfortable, so you shouldn’t need a wig cap or Comfy Grip, but they are available for extra comfort.