The 5 Designs by Art of Wigs

The Art of Wigs offers five wig and topper designs and a free phone consultation to determine which human hair wig is the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

1. Custom lace front wigs with injected silk tops Choose your favorite hair style, base color and hair texture. Our silk top looks just like your own scalp and has a natural apperance that can be arted in the center or on the sides. For an additional charge, add highlights, lowlights and waves. Wig caps are built using the highest quality wig lace, the softest, most breathable materials and can be attached using adhesive, tape, clips or nothing at all.  By following step-by-step instructions to measure your head, your custom wig will fit perfect

2. Custom lace front wigs with Injected silk top and additional personal hairline added are the most natural looking wigs available and are delivered to your doorstep within eight to ten weeks of placing an order.
For an additional cost, we can integrate your exact hairline into our lace front wigs, which creates a virtually undetectable hairline. They are perfect for clients who really want to be versatile when creating their hairstyles.  The wig lace is attached to the head with adhesive glue or tape so that hair can be brushed straight back and still look natural. We replicate your exact hairline from your temple to sideburns based on photographs of your hairline that you will be asked to send us.

3. Fully handtied lace wigs are "film quality" lace wigs that are the same quality wigs used by actors and actresses on movie and television sets. These fully custom wigs can take up to eight to ten weeks to build. They are made entirley from wig lace and are incredibly lightwieght, comfortable, and highly detailed to match crown swirls, side or center parts, hair direction and fine baby hairs.  If you are interested in a hand-tied custom wig, contact The Art of Wigs at (512) 626-0879

4.  A wide range hairpieces, called toppers, are available for women who suffer from thinning hair on the top of the head and don’t need a full human hair wig. Our belief is that you should use what remaining hair you have to get the most realistic look possible.Toppers are incredibly lightweight and  designed to cover only the area that needs to be covered. Toppers are matched to our clients needs and not the other way around. They are clipped onto the top of the head, behind the existing hairline or on the hairline, and are very undetectable.

5. Our Baseball Cap Wig™ is one of our most popular and convenient wigs and takes just seconds to put on.  The Art of Wigs  invented this style for a client who was on the go and needed to stay cool and comfortable all day. Made of entirley of lightweight french wig lace material, this wig is breathable because there is no hair on top and is worn under a hat, scarf  or headcover. Your wig lace may be attached with glue or tape, but for most clients, a hat will keep it very secure. The Baseball Cap Wig is perfect for errands, workouts, picnics, or just hanging out with friends and family.

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