Donating Hair

The Art of Wigs is thrilled to accept your donation. Hair donations of 12 inches or more will reduce the cost of a custom wig for clients who are struggling through cancer treatments or alopecia. Each hair donation makes a difference! As you follow these steps, please know that your generosity will help women regain confidence and security at a difficult time. We also except hair that has been professionally and naturally highlighted or lowlighted, as long as it is not damaged. We cannot except hair that has been highlighted more than 2 base shades above your natural base shade  (ask your stylist if unsure), permed, has all-over color be it professional or store box color, straightened by chemicals, or hair that has a unnatural color added to it or henna. Please make sure your hair is in great condition and follows these guidlines and give your ends a nice trim before measuring. Overprocessed hair or hair that is too short or "all over" colored cannot be used.

Step 1 - Measure your hair. To measure correctly, place your hair in a pigtail and measure from the top of the band to the bottom tip. You are ready to donate if you have 12 or more inches of hair.

Step 2 - Prep your hair. We can use healthy hair in great condition. Wash hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner, comb through and let air dry naturally so we can see what your hair really does.

Step 3 - Cut your hair. Find a stylist who is familiar with hair donation and have your stylist follow these directions. Pull clean, dry hair back into multiple tight pigtails and braids ( 2 - 6 is usually enough) and secure with a real rubber band. If your hair is layered, we can only use the length that is 10" and will discard what we cannot use in the studio for you. Cut the pigtails right above the rubber band and place in a ziplock bag. Take a deep breath and think about all the women who will benefit from your hair – then go get a sassy short hairstyle that is easy to style and maintain.

Step 4 - Mail your hair donation to Art of Wigs. Place the clean, dry pigtail into a plastic ziplock bag, make sure the rubber band is very secure, and place the ziplock bag and into a large envelope. Please make sure you have enough postage on your envelope when sending or the post office will retunr it to you. We would love to tell our clients about their hair donors, so tell us about yourselves. Take before and after shots and send us your photos or words of encouragement.

Once we recieve your donation, your photos and information is stored in our "Angel Books" for our clients to read and enjoy. Your ponytail will be processed, measured and stored so that we can use it the moment a perfect client arrives. Sadly, we no longer send back Thank You notes since it has become far too time consuming and expensive. Please except our sincere and most deep hearted THANK YOU! Without your amazing generousity, time and huge hearts we would not be able to help our clients save much needed money and look amazing. If you are concerned about your donation getting to our studio, please send us an email and we will confirm your ponytails safe arrival asap.

Thank you so much for finding us and for your generousity. I am so blessed to get to do what I love and help others in the process, and I thank you for being such a huge part of it. - Stephanie Caillabet

Send to:
The Art of Wigs
11601 W. Hwy 290
Suite A101-377
Austin, TX 78737

This is not the actual address of the studio, it is a secure mailbox, please call 512.626.0879 or email  to schedule an appointment and get directions to the private studio.